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1. NATIONAL BIOGAS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME   This programme sponsored by Central Government from the Year 1975-76. The objects of this programme is to provide a substitute of natural Energy for Cooking Food & Light Organic.

    Biogas plants are playing a important role in rural areas to provide cooking gas & light.

   There are three Types of Plants made in this programme (1) K.V.I.C. Model (2) Janta Model (3) Deenbandhu Model. Khadi & Gramodyog Commission distribute subsidy only K.V.I.C. Model. Rural Development Department distribute the Central subsidy on Deenbandhu Model & Janta Model on the basis of plant capacity & Family status below rates. Balance amount expend by the beneficiaries.

   Five hundred rupees extra subsidy to be given to attach the latrine with the plant 500/- to be given to Biogas Turnkey Agent for look after the plant for three years from date of construction.  

2. NATIONAL PROGRAMME ON IMPROVED CHULLAHS-    This programme is sponsored by Central Government from the year 1983-84. The objects of this programme are (1) to safe the rural women from smoke (2) Savings of Fuel (3) Environment improvement (4) To maintain the healthy life.

    Under this programme I.S.I.  mark portable Chullas are distribute to villagers & construct the fixed chullas for beneficiaries. Central Subsidy distribute to beneficiaries 50/- for portable chullas (for S.C./S,T. beneficiaries only) & 80/- for fixed chullas from (1.10.2000).

3. RURAL S.C./S.T. DRINKING WATER SCHEME;    Under this scheme India Mark-2 Hand pumps are establish only in S.C./S.T. colony of rural areas. . According to 150 population or 25 families norms for each hand pump will be installed.


4. M.N.P. PROGRAMME;   Under this programme India Mark-2 Hand pumps are establish & pipe Pay Jal yojnas are also take up. Gramin Jal Parbandhan samiti of Gram Panchayat propose the place of General caste Colony of village, where the hand pump will installed. 

    5. INDRA AWAS YOJNA     The objective of Indira Awas Yojna is primarily to help construction of dwelling units by members of s.c./s.t.. Free bonded laborers and also non s.c./s.t. rural poor below  the poverty line by providing them with grant in aid. The yojna is start from the year 1985-86.

NEW AVAS CONSTRUCTION:    In this plan is provision that Rs. 20,000/- grant in aid to be given for new pakka house construction for the poorest family, houseless/landless families. House construction by beneficiaries having minimum 20 Sq. meter plinth area of house. Construction of houses sanitary latrine and smokeless chulla also.

UPGRADATION;    This plan is start from the year 1999-2000. In this plan it is provisions that Rs. 10,000/- grant in aid to be given for useless kacha house to convert in to useful house for living. Sanitary latrine and smokeless chullha is compulsory to construct with house.

IDENTIFICATION OF BENEFICIARIES:    The Gram Sabha will select the beneficiaries from the list of eligible households according to I.A.Y. guidelines as per priorities fixed.

1. Free bonded labours

2. S.C./S.T. households who are victims of atrocity.

(ii) S.C./S.T. household headed by widows and unmarried women.

(iii) S.C./S.T. house hold affected in flood, fire, earth quake, cyclone and similar natural calamities.

(iv) Other S.C./S.T. households/landless.

3. Non S.C./S.T. house holds and landless.

4. Physically handicapped.

5. Ex. serviceman/retired of para military force.

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