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District Inspector of Schools

                The department bears the responsibility to dispose off the following works of the Colleges affiliated and recognised by Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad at the level or Primary, Secondary (6-12) and affiliated Sanskrit Degree Colleges.

(1)    Inspectionof School/Colleges

(2)    Inspection of duties of teachers and other employees of Schools and Colleges.

(3)    Disposal of Financial Matters.

(4)    Maintenance and Distribution of the grant received for the payment of the Salary for the  Employees of Schoolls and Colleges.

Head of the Department       Department of Education (Secondary Education)

No. of Projects/Schemes

            (1) Vocational Education

            (2) Computer Education

            (3) Establishment of girls School in area of unserved blocks.


        (1) Vocational Education: Under the schemes of vocational education, the students of Class 9-12 are to provide the practical knowledge of following trades:--

        (1)Photography (2) Automobile (3) Nursery (4) Dress Designing (5) Handicraft   (6) Cooking.

        (2) Computer Ediucation:   The students of G.I.C.  are being provided the brane knowledge of computer education.

        (3) Establishment of girls schools in unserved blocks:  Out of 14 blocks of the Districts, two blocks namely Oon and Charthawal have been indentified as the unserved blocks and a proposal to establish the girls high schools in the above mentioned two blocks have been sent to the State Govt. by District Committee.


        (1) Vocational education to learn the knowledge of the trade/profession.

        (2) Computer Education --- to inculcate the ability to operate the computer.

        (3) Establishment of Girls Schools in unserved blocks : To establish the girls schools under the private management in those blocks in which no girls High Schools or at most one school is there.


        (1) Vocational Education :    This is governed under the Central Preplanned Scheme.

        (2) Computer Education:: Under the scheme of Class Project.

        (3) Establishment of the girls schools in the unserved schools:: Under the scheme of 21 point programme.


        (1) Vocational Education:    The students are provided the knowledge of the professions under the self employment schemes.

        (2) Computer Education :   To provided the basic knowledge of Computer Schools.

        (3) Establishment of girls schools in unserved blocks.

        (4) To promote the girls education.  

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