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MARKETING WING- The Department is under control of Food Commissioner U.P. Lucknow. Dy. Regional Marketing Officer are posted in every District. Wheat and paddy are purchased under support price from cultivators directly & rice is purchased under lavy from Rice Millers/license Dealer's by the Marketing Wing. The Food Grain purchased under above scheme are stored under State Pool for public Distribution. Excess Purchase stock is delivered for Center Pool to Food Corporation of India. Sugar is lifted from Sugar Mills every month for public Distribution by this wing. Marketing Wing has established Godown in every block for Distributing Food grain and Sugar to F.P.S. Dealers for Public Distribution.

    Licenses for treading of Food Grain, Oil & Oilseeds, sugar   pulses etc., are issued by the Officer posted in District. Enforcement of various control orders and Essential Commodities Act are done by this Wing. The Wing assured availability of Food. Stuff like food grain, oils, sugars, pulses on reasonable price.

    Thus this Wing is rendering important and useful role in the interest of public & Farmers as well.

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