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Registration of Job-Seekers         All Indian citizens of the country are eligible for registration at Employment Exchange. For this purpose, Employment Exchanges are set up in each district. Persons, who are residing in Bijnor district, on permanent or temporary basis are normally eligible for their registration in Bijnor. Desirous persons are required to produce their original certificates regarding educational qualification, training and experience. After short scrutiny of the papers, they are registered in the Employment Exchange on a format -X-1 and are given a certificate of registration on a format -X-10. This registration is valid for three years and has to be renewed after three years for another three years and so on.

2. Notification of Vacancies.         Employers notify their vacancies, which are outside the purview of Public Service Commissions, to the Employment Exchange . They are required to furnish all essential information in respect of vacancies. For example : name of the employer, address and telephone number, nature and number of vacancies, qualifications required, date and place of interview, reservation details etc. For this purpose a prescribed format-rule-4 is used.

3. Submission and Placement:         When vacancies are received at Employment Exchange, names of suitable candidates are submitted to the employers in accordance with their requirements and conditions of the vacancies. After receiving the list of  the candidates, employers conduct interview and select the candidates from the list. After the selection the result is intimated to the Employment Exchange. Employment Exchange prepares data of these functions and send them to the prescribed authorities.

        At present this system has been changed and Employers are permitted to make recruitment through open advertisements.

4. Vocational guidance:         Persons who meet Employment Officer or come to Employment Exchange for their registration, are given career guidance. For this purpose career literatures are also available in Employment Exchange for their assistance.

5. Compulsory Notification of Vacancies Act 1959:         Employers of the district are under mandatory obligation to submit the figures of their employees to the Employment Exchange on quarterly and biennial basis. They are also required notify their vacancies to Employment Exchange. For this purpose the record of the employers are inspected by Employment officer to ensure the satisfactory compliance of the provision of the Act. The data in this regard is send to Govt. of India and U.P. Govt.

       Data of Employment Exchange as on 1 January 96 to  2000

Year         Registration         Notification         Submission         Placement                        Live Register of
1996           7092                     872                       1434                     78                                 28124
1997       13807                       923                       2913                      85                                 34520
1998          6737                       886                       1412                       62                                 32738
1999          7781                       601                       2439                       11                                  32872
2000         6123                        590                         882                       16                                  27974
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