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        All round development of fisheries for the upliftment of poor section of people through optimum available water bodies for the production of protein rich food and employment generation in rural area, are the main objectives of this department..

No. of Projects/ Schemes:  At present Fisheries department is running only one scheme i.e. "Matsaya Palak Vikas Agency" or Fish framers Development Agency (FFDA). This scheme is sponsored BY state & Central Govts. The State govt. provides funds through distt. plan and matching grant for subsidy & training is provided by Central govt. This agency is headed by Chairman Zila Panchayat. Chief Development Officer is the Executive Director of the agency and Assistant Director fisheries is the Member Secretary of the said Agency.


a) To identify the Fish Farmers. Pond Owners and their problems in its areas.

b) To promote and culture in the selected areas is an integrated manner, effectively link training and investment with fish culture activities and marketing adopting modern techniques relating to Fish culture.

c) To advise the existing Fish Framer/Pond Owners and enable them to apply improved techniques of fish culture.

a)To identify class of fish farmer in the area where they do not exits now, and to assist in adding to the number in the areas where they exist, for fruitful and available employment to the unemployed people interest in fish culture.

b) To promote fish production from existing ponds and to reclaim and bring under intensive production derelict water areas such as swamps;jheels,silted up tanks water load areas etc.

c) To contribute to the strengthening of rural economy by making fish farming economically viable.

d) To draw up model plan for investment and production activities to be undertaken by the Fish Farmer/pond owners for solving their problem in its areas.

e) To execute these for the benefit for the Fish Farmer/pond owners either directly or throws others in co-ordination with the existing agencies engage in this direction in the field whether public or co-operative such as Zila Parishad, Co-operative Banks/Commercial Banks, State and Central Govt. Department.

f) To review the progress of the execution of these activities as well as the effectiveness of the benefits directed towards the Fish Farmers/Ponds owners.

g) To set up or establish any special service in future once of the economics interest of the Fish Farmer/pond Owners for the development of fish culture activities and latest technologies actives.


Presently the lease of Panchayat ponds is being given to economically poor person in accordance with the G.O. no. 3736/1-2- ra-2 dated 17-10-95

For the speedy deposal of allotment applications special camps are organised at all tehsil head quarters. Following officers remain present in the camp.

1. S.D.M. or his representative of the concerned tehsil.

2. A.D. Fisheries or his representative.

3. Pradhan of the concerned village.

4. Lekhpal of the concerned circle.

5. Registrar Kanoongo.

6. Representative of the fishermen community (Nominated by the District Magistrate).

         Once the lease of a pond for a period of ten years is granted to a person he is advised to take loan from the bank and for this fisheries department takes the responsibility of project formulation, project submission to the bank and technical persuasion with the bank. Once the loan is sanctioned 25% of the amount, subject to a max. of Rs. 12,000/- per hectare is to be deposited in the bank for adjustment in fish growers favor as subsidy. Technical training is also imparted to the fish growers (15 day training, training allowance @ Rs. 25/- day is also given to the trainee fish growers).

         Besides technical training and subsidy free technical advice and on the spot remedial measure are also suggested to the growers free of cost and the quality fish seed  of Indian Major Carps and other fast growing fish is also supplied to the growers during July to Sept. at Govt rate.

         Apart from all the above financial help in from of direct subsidy (without loan) is also available to those who are practicing integrated fish farming (duch fish culture etc), the private pond owners and the progressive fishculturist (those who are harvesting more than 3000 kg. fish per hectare per years).

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