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        For the welfare of minority class (Muslim, Sikh, Christan, Boddh, Parsi) following three plans have been taken by our dept. these are:-

1. Scholarship Scheme: Under this scheme students who belonging to above mentioned class come from Urban and rural areas who have annual income from all sources below then 23700/- & 22000/- respectively can get scholarship through their school

The rates of scholarship are follows:

i.    From class 1 to 5                                  Rs. 25.00 per month.

ii.   From class 6 to 8                                  Rs. 40.00 per month.

iii.  From class 9 to 10                                Rs. 60.00 per month

2. Term Loan:  For the development of minority community has launched the scheme know as Term loan through (U.P.M. F.D.C. all the intent of 7% P.A. In this scheme minority Community who have annual income from all sources below the 23700/- & 22000/- respectively urban Rural wide be benefited in this scheme.

3. Margin Money Scheme:   To increase employment of minority class this scheme is conducted by limited. In this scheme 15% money will be given of total cost as margin money at the rate of 7% P.A.

        Besides this district Minority welfare officer works as a "Asstt. Wakf commissioner" for all wakf assets in district like (Wakf allal aulad, Wakf allal Khari as Mosque, Kabristan, Karbala, Madarsa< Eedgah, Peer, Dargah, Mazarat and Immabara and the house of wakf) and take proper action against any irregularities related with these assets.

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