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1.    S.C. Students who are studying in Primary classes get Rs. 25/- Per Month, in Junior High Schools get Rs. 40 p.m. and in 9-10 classes get Rs. 60/- p.m. There is no income limit upto 8th class. However there is an income limit of Rs. 2500/- p.m. for students of class 9th and 10th.

2.    The children of guardians who are employed in unclean professions like tanning , flaying, carrying night soil on head and scavenging are entitled to unclean professions scholarship. The rates of the scholarship are as under:

Class                             Rate
Primary                       40/- p.m. for ten months
Jr. H.School                60/- p.m. for ten months
High School                 80/- p.m. for ten months.

        Moreover an ad-hoc grant of Rs. 500/- to each child is granted. There is no income limit. The profession certificate in rural areas is given by the Tehsildars and in the urban areas by the Executive officers of the Nagar Panchayats.

3.    The children of the denotified tribes are also entitled to the scholarship provided their parents/ guardians monthly income does exceed Rs. 2500/- p.m. The rates are the same as above in para 1.

4.    The S.C. students of the post matric classes are entitled to the full scholarship and fee provided their parents/guardians income does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000  p.a.

      Rates for the Post Matric classes are as under:

S.No.     Name of the Educational Category         Hostler Rate         Day Scholar
1.        A (Engineering and Medical Degree Course )        540                      330
2.        B (Engineering and Medical Diploma Course)        510                      330
3.             C (Post Graduate/Engg. Medical Certificate COURSE            510                       330
4.        D (Graduation)                                                       355                      185
5.        E ( Intermediate and 1st Year of Graduation)          235                      140

5.        The students who are studying in Medical and Engineering Degree and diploma classes are also given books aid at the rate Rs. 500/- and Rs. 250/- respectively annually.

N.B. 1. The terms and condition for the S.T. students are the same as for the S.Cs. and scholarship is distributed in the one installment.

        2. Scholarship is distributed by the committee formed at the village/school level.


        1. The S.C families who suffer atrocities by the non S.Cs. are given economic relief and 22 activities against them are identified as atrocities. The murder of an earning member shall entitled the bereaved family Rs. 2.00 lac and if he/she is non earning it shall be Rs. 1.00 lac, in case of rape the relief is 50,000 and in other cases of injuries relief is given. All the cases must be out through police and the cases must be registered under SC/ST act.

        2. The marriage grant to the marriageable daughters of the SCs is also given, provided their monthly income does not exceed Rs, 1,000 amt. the daughter and would be groom must be 18 and 21 years of the age . The grant of Rs. 10,000 to each beneficiary.

        3. The patient suffering from severe diseases and who are being treated in the government hospitals are also entitled to the sickness grant.


        1. National Old Age Pension Scheme (N.O.A.P.S.): The persons who are poor and destitute and above 60 years of age eligible for old age pension provided.

        A. Their income must not exceed Rs. 1000/- p.m. and in rural areas should not agriculture land more than 3.25 acres.

        B. Their sons or grand sons are not majors or they are incapable of looking after their fathers/grand fathers and they should not be employed under central soot/state government or government under takings in class I,II and III category.

        2. National Family Benefit Scheme (N.F.B.S.):  The family living below the annual income group of Rs. 19,884/- in rural areas and Rs. 25,546/- in urban areas are entitled to the grant of Rs. 10,000/- provided   (Applicant must apply within six month after death):-

        (i) The dead should be in the age group of 18 and 64 .

        (ii) He/she should be an earning member.

        3. National Maternity Benefit Scheme (N.M.B.S.):- The family living under the above income criterion in entitled to grant of Rs. 500/- two live delivery provided-

        (i) She must be 19 years of age.

        (ii) She must be registered any government hospital.

        4. Daughter's Marriage grant for Widow Pension Holder:

            Women who are of any religion, cast and are getting widow pension are entitled to the grant of Rs. 10,000/- each.


        Scholarship:- The gram panchayat will distribute the scholarship in rural areas upto 8th class. All the Parishadiya Primary schools, recognized primary schools, parishadiya jr. high schools, recognized jr. high schools shall sent their lists of the students through B.S.A. to Samaj Kalyan Vibhag who in turn shall send the required amount in the Gram Nidhi III a/c directly under intimation to the Gram Panchayat and B.D.O's.

        The Gram Panchayat in turn shall distribute the scholarship.

NEW PENSION:        The Gram Panchayats have been made responsible for distribution and sanctioning new pension in rural areas. They will distribute the cheques and the vacancies created by the death of pensioners, the required vacancies will be filled by the Panchayats keep in consideration of the age and income of all applicants.

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