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The main objective of the department is to provide the facilities for the registration of different categories of documents and to keep and maintain the record of legal rights of the registrants. To secure the revenue for the state on certain classes of instruments in the form of Stamp Duty, Registration fees and Court Fee is also one of the objectives of the department.

Location: Department is manned by Additional District Magistrate (F&R) as District Registrar A.I.G.(Registration) at the District level and Sub Registrar and Registration Clerks at the sub Divisional level namely.

Telephone and Fax Nos. of the officers of Stamp and Registration Department:

Sl.No.    Name/Designation            Place of posting                                     Telephone Nos.
                                                                                                                Office                  Residence
1.       Principal Secretary         Lucknow                      0522-238199                   300644
2.       Special Secretary            Lucknow                      0522-239285                   301993
3.       Deputy Secretary            Lucknow                      0522--238001                  379897
4.       I.G. Registration             Allahabad                      0532-623667                   623920
                                                                                                                Fax 622858
          I.G. Registration             Lucknow                      0522-308697                   207166
5.       Addl. I.G. (Regn.)            Allahabad                   0532-623717                   502832
6.       A.D.M. (F&R)/D.R.          Bijnor                            01342-62295                    62106


5. Head of the Department:                  Inspector General of Registration & Commissioner of Stamps (U.P.)

6. No. of projects & Schemes:


       SERVICE                                                  PROVIDER OFFICE

(i) Registration of Documents                        (A) Sub Registrar Office

                                                                 (B) District Registrar Office

(ii) Sale of Stamp papers                                (A) Treasury or Sub Treasury Office

                                                                 (B) Licensed Stamp Venders

                                                                 (C) Sub Registrar Office by Franking Machine.

(iii) Documents Writing                                       Licensed Document Writers

(iv) Fixation and Circulation of                      Office of the Collector of the district and list of circle rate is 

     circle rates                                                 available in every sub registrar office.

(v) Certified copies                                         Sub Registrar office

    Non Encumbrance Certificates

(vi) Registration of applications                     Registrar Hindu Marriage

      of Hindu Marriage                                  Every sub registrar is ex-office

     ( under Hindu Marriage Act )                   Registrar of Hindu Marriage

(vii) Deposit of sale deed Will                        District Registrar Office


(i) All documents presented for registration in sub registrar offices are returned to the parties same day after registration.

(ii) The copies of all the documents relating to agriculture properties are sent same day to Tehsildar's office for mutation.

(iii) For the guidance of the people rate list is available in all the respective sub registrar office and at the district level in the office of A.D.M. (F.&R.) and A.I.G. (Regn.).

(iv) At the time of purchase of stamp papers for the treasury office a booklet "MAKE REGISTRY EASY, ABANDON MIDDLE MAN" is being made available, issued by Kar and Nibandhan Vibhag Uttar Pradesh Shashan, in this booklet detailed information regarding Do's and Don'ts is given for the guidance of the people such as:-

(a)    Things to be kept in mind (28 points) when getting a document registered.

(b)    How to avoid a stamp case ( 6 points).

(c)    Information to be made available compulsorily (Index I) by the department.

(d)    List of compulsorily registerable documents (Index II).

(e)    How to identify forged Stamp Papers (Index III).

(f)    Performa obligatory to be attached with every sale deed (Rule 6 U.P. Stamp Valuation of property rules 1997).

(v) Index No. II of 12 years containing brief information of every registered document is available in all Sub Registrar's office and (Index II) of other years are available for public inspection in the Central Record Room.

(vi) Mobile Registration services is also being provided by sub registrar Office in which a document may be accepted for registration at the residence of registrant on showing special cause for the same.


        If any person needs any guidance regarding the services which are being rendered by the stamp and registration department, he may get the same by simply making an application in the concerned office since the Code of conduct for an Access to Information is being followed by the department. In this context the department has listed the subjects on which information is to be provided compulsorily:

    (i)    Information regarding complaint and decisions taken by the department and the basis of that decision.

    (ii)   Information regarding any procedure i.e. procedure for the preparation, presentation and registration of sale deeds etc. procedure for the hearing of the stamp case, Revision in Stamp Case, Availability & purchase of stamp papers, Registration Charges for the registration of different categories of instruments and also the rate of stamp duty to be charged on such instruments, information regarding identification of forged stamp papers.

    (iii)  Information regarding the prevalent circle rates issued by the Collector of the District.

    (iv)  Information regarding the reasons in a case when a document is refused to registration or when a document is referred for valuation.

    (v)    Information regarding the procedure for getting a certified copy of the registered document.

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