District Treasury Office regulates and authorizes Government Employees and pensions of difference types like Service pension, Political pension, disability pensions etc. It also maintains the accounts of receipts of government revenue and income from other sources. It also compiles the accounts of government receipts & payments and forwards them to A.G.U.P. for further classification and accounting. A.G.U.P., in turn prepares the State accounts to match them with grants allocated by the state budget passed by legislature. Apart from Government receipt and payment the Treasury Office is also the nodal point of Stamps storage and sales. It has a strong-room for safe custody of stamp papers of difference types such as Non-judicial stamps, Court fees stamps, share transfer stamps etc. In short making government payments, accepting government receipt, pension disbursement, sale of stamp papers and compilation of accounts of the above mentioned activities are the main functions of the District Treasury. It also keeps valuable articles in safe custody of its strong-room. TREASURY COMPUTERIZATION:-Treasury is the pioneer institution in the field of computerization of government offices. Now it is fully computerized Office. We compile our payment and receipt accounts through computer. We have advanced system and terminals are provided to the dealing counters. Following systems are being used in Bijnor Treasury. a) Treasury Information System (TISNIC) This system is in use for daily posting of government payments and receipts and further compilation of accounts. b) Pension Disbursement System (PDSNIC) This package deals with pension disbursement at treasury. One part of this deals with payments through bank advice or Jawahar Bhawan System. Other part deals with Cash payment at Treasury itself of the Teller system. In first system the pensioners are not required to present themselves every month. Instead of this they have to submit a life certificate every year in the month of November. GROUP INSURANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (GIMNIC)This is one of the welfare schemes of the Government Group Insurance Directorate, Lucknow was managing this scheme since its inception. To avoid delay in payments to the retired persons or the dependents of the deceased govt.-employee the Govt decentralized the payment of G.I.S. claims to District Treasury level from 1st of Oct.,1999.
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