Disaster Management


Any such natural or human-born phenomenon that causes serious disruption in the normal life of society, resulting in life, goods, nature and other losses at a very large level, and which the affected society can not re-establish with its resources . Natural or man-made disasters do not have the ability to withstand the community and there is massive loss of wealth, mass and environment on a large scale. The disaster is a slow or sudden occurrence.


To manage the effective management of disaster, to reduce the effects of disasters, to arrange for emergency relief during the occurrence of disasters and to make arrangements to facilitate, coordinate, coordinate and monitor the disaster and rebuilding as a result of disasters Disaster Management Authority has been set up to implement and coordinate the rehabilitation measures.

Contact details for disaster management in district.

SN Location Designation Phone Number
 1 District DM 9454417570
 2 District ADM(FR) 9454417641
 3 Bijnor SDM 9454416896
 4 Chandpur SDM 9454419600
 5 Dhampur SDM 9454416897
 6 Nagina SDM 9454416898
 7 Najibabad SDM 9454416899