Stamp & Registration Department is a public department having footfall off lakhs of people per day for registration of documents. For the convenience of the general public computerisation of the department is under way.
Registration of Documents

Online registration of documents started in Bijnor district on 26-10-2017. For online feeding of information one has to go to site For online registraion one has to fill information regarding name, parentage, address of seller & purchaser and also information regarding property such as area, nature and location of the property. The process also includes entry off aadhar number. Once all the detail is filled up a token will be generated. Than the person can approach concerned registration office for capture of thumb impression and photograph through biometric device and web camera respectively. This way the task of registration would be completed in minimum time. For the convenience of the public, Collector ratelist of last 10 years has been uploaded on the above site.
Registration of Marriage

Now all the marriages could be registered online merely on the basis of aadhar card and age certificate. Earlier only marriage solemnised under hindu marriage act were registered in registration offices.
Attendence of Officers/Employees

In Registration department of Bijnor district the attendence of all Officers and Employees is being marked by biometric device, that ensures proper availability for public work.
Non encumbrance certificates and copy of deeds

Registration data of Sadar Bijnor has been uploaded on the cloud since 2006 and same has been done for tehsils from 2015 onwards. One can approach the required data on a click of mouse.
Settlement scheme of stamp cases

The government has started a settelement scheme for the disposal of stamp cases. The scheme has commenced from January 2018 and will run till 31 March 2018. One can apply to deposit deficiency of stamp duty along with token penalty of Rs. 10/-. Public is largely to be benefitted from settlement scheme of stamp cases.


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