Birth place of King Bharat S/o King Dushyant(Kanva Ashram)-“Bharat Vansh” Vidur Kuti. Vidur Kuti, which lies almost 12 km away from Bijnor is of much historical significance. After his dispute with Duryodhana Mahatma Vidur spent his later years here. According to legends Lord Krishna had also visited Bijnor. Moreover, during the battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas, Mahatma Vidur is said to have protected and guarded all the women and children family members of both the sides. Due to lack of sufficient area, Vidur decided to have an exclusive area for the women and children. This place is known as Daranagar. Vidur

There are ancient temples and ashrams.According to Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Dushyant, King of Hastinapur reached the area during a hunting session and met with Shakuntala whom he fell in love with at first sight.Moreover, two Navratnas of Emperor Akbar Abul-Fazl and his brother Faizi, were born and raised in the region. Najibudaulahs Fort, located in Najibabad, was established by Gulam Kadir (Najibudaulah) during 18th Century after the collapse of the Mughal dynasty.

There are several well known and popular tourist destinations in Bijnor district. Vidur Kuti is located 12 km from Bijnor and Ganj is about 12 km from Bijnor city. There are many ancient temples and ashrams in the area. Jahanabad is only 1 km away from Ganj. The temple of Sita, popularly known as Sita Mandir Math, is situated near Nanore Village on Chandpur-Jalilpur road.There is a sports stadium in Bijnor city that provides opportunities to young talents.

Bijnor consists of several state-of the-art healthcare facilties, shopping malls and various educational institutes, which contributes to the overall development of the entire region. Sikaida, situated on the Nagina-Bijnor road, is a major tourist attraction of the district. Shakarpuri village, on the Najibabad- Bijnor highway, is also very popular amongst the visitors for its mangoes and sugarcane.