Dargahe Aaliya Najaf-E-Hind Jogipura Najibabad

Syed Allaouddin Bukhari ,the father of Syed Raju ,was Deewan ,during the reign of ShahJahan (1627-1658). He was held in reverence in the royal court due to his noble behaviour and personal ability. After his death ,his son Syed Raju , was assigned the post of his deceased father. During Mughal period some of the nobles were counted among the most learned sages of their time.Syed Raju was empiricist learned sage ,beside being devout ,pious ,and God-Fearing person. These qualities of Syed Raju had made him so significiant in the eyes of Shah Jahan that he entrusted him the responsibility of supervising and protecting his palace.


Dargahe Aaliya Najaf-e-Hind Jogipura